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The Legal Nurse Consultant Group under the direction of Jan Attard provides comprehensive, timely, thorough opinion for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Medical Groups in the evaluation of Malpractice, Negligence, Personal Injury, Criminal, Sexual Assault Cases for Merit. We review and analyze Complex Medical Records for the incident made the basis of the action, rendering written and verbal opinions or reports. We assist with discovery to actively assist with interpretation, detailed education and presentation for Attorneys to develop demonstrative evidence, Interrogatories, opinions, researching best source information and citing authoritative literature. We provide factual implications of Duty, Breach, Causation and Damages for Negligence as related to application of reasonable Standard of Care. We are aware of Evidence Based Guidelines for Practice. We prepare for and we are prepared to testify under oath at Trial. As an EPIC Super User, we have mentored and trained users with the Electronic Medical Record.

Jan is recognized as a nationally-known Legal Nurse Expert with expertise and 30 yr history as Nurse, She is an Integral Member of the Litigation Team for Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Hospital Groups. Jan believes in high quality healthcare for all patients, all populations and all communities around the world. I believe in improving the clinician’s experience so they spend their time caring for people competently through the use of the electronic medical record. I work with cutting edge technology in the fast-paced healthcare setting, transforming health systems to ensure quality patient care as a super user for EPIC.

RN IV practice in PostPartum, Transition, Neonatal Resuscitation.
Demonstrates Critical Thinking, Vigilant Assessment Skills, Collaboration

Adjunct Professor Nursing OB- Samuel Merritt University, Oakland, Ca.
Adjunct Professor Nursing OB- California State University, Hayward, Ca

NICU, L&D;, Oncology, ICU, Pediatric -Psych, Orthopedic, Neurological Experience

Comprehensive Risk Management, Quality Control /Hospital Safety Experience
Student of the Law, Concord Purdue University, 1L

Jan Attard, RN IV, RNC-MNN, CLNC, MBA, 1L
Adjunct Professor, Samuel Merritt University, OB
Adjunct Professor, California State East Bay, Hayward, CA
NRP Instructor, Transition Nurse, Advanced Practice Nurse
DME, IME, SANE, Assault Analysis and Examination


Nurse/Physician is under a duty to possess and apply the knowledge and to use the skill and care ordinarily used by reasonable well qualified nurse or other health professional practicing under same or similar circumstances giving due consideration to the locality involved. A Nurse or other care giver who fails to do so is negligent.

MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE- Duty of Doctor or other health care provider (Uniform Jury Instructions) Chapter 11.


JAN ATTARD, CLNC is honored to provide Legal Nurse Consultant on a case by case basis. Jan is a nurse first providing professional services enabling you to develop your case quickly, efficiently, focusing on pertinent issues that matter most in an organized deliberate fashion. Jan will ask the questions to “dig deep” with intimate knowledge of the health care system. Jan acts diligently with assessment of the medical record, evaluates documentation and educates you regarding Nurse/Physician actions in chronological timeline formate allowing you to strategize your case…..

Jan has firsthand experience analyzing sentinel events as Nurse/ Risk Manager/Quality/Risk/ Ethics Expert and Electronic Medical Records Trainer. Jan’s background includes 25 years OB Nursing (Postpartum, L&D;, NICU), 10 years Acute Pediatric Care Stanford University and 10 years Intensive Care/Oncology Research (Stanford Children’s Hospital, Sloane Kettering, Johns Hopkins, U. of Maryland Trauma Hospital). Jan loves what she does, collaborating to win.

Jan acts as Testifying Expert for Defense and Plaintiff equally. Jan looks forward to communicating with your firm, providing superior review, research and analysis to assist you to make a difference for your firm and your clients.

  • Review and screen cases to keep you from wasting time and resources on non-meritorious cases.
  • Review and analyze medical records for deviations from medical and nursing Standard of Care
  • Summarize the medical record and prepare a brief opinion report to bolster your position.
  • Prepare in depth medical and nursing literature search (Lexis) to provide theoretical foundation.
  • Identify additional documents and presentations of evidence vital to case preparation.
  • Act as Testifying Expert or Consulting Expert for your Law Firm.
As Risk Manager, Nursing Professor and practicing Nurse of 38 years, I express passion through service. I share my nursing knowledge and professional expertise in the areas of Obstetrical Nursing and Neonatal Cases (primarily). I review High Risk Hospital and Home Care cases as Risk Manager. I hire contract evaluators when a case exceeds my scope of practice. I will provide your firm efficient expert review and thorough evaluation of the Medical Record- Standard of Care -Duty Issues.
Carpe Diem


Expert Medical Witness

Janet Grace Attard, LLC is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, CLNC, AALNC, RNC-MNN, MBA. Jan practices as Registered Nurse in Acute High Risk OB for 20 of 40 years, acts as Adjunct Professor in OB for Samuel Merritt University School of Nursing and Cal State East Bay School of Nursing. Jan possesses BSN from Georgetown University, MBA from Ashford University, plans to pass the baby bar examination by fall 2020. Jan has managed a large case portfolio as Risk Manager/Ethics, Policy, Regulatory/ Standard of Care and Quality Reviewer for Hospitals and Insurance Companies exposure to Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Product Liability, Toxic Torts. Areas of specialization include Maternal Injury/ Birth Injury, Oncology, Emergency Room, Surgery and Pediatrics. Janet provides timely and accurate case under the direction of Attorney Client. Analysis of the Medical Record, Policy and Procedures, Standard of Care including all relevant Depositions and Interrogatories and time lines may accompany a Chronology of Events. Jan presents opinions/findings favorable to the Attorney Client while providing ongoing assistance with Case Discovery and preparation for trial, Jan Identifies discrepancies in Trial Testimony and Expert Witness Deposition seeking to discover inconsistencies in documentation, missing documents, appropriate Expert Witnesses per case requirements. Jan works collaboratively with each Attorney Client desiring to assist each Attorney Client with fact discovery, to educate, to know the facts clearly to obtain a favorable settlement.


Exceptional Service

JAN ATTARD, Certified Legal Nurse Consultant combines years of clinical expertise and intuition (that comes with time at the bedside) to bring you first hand researched opinion and data to win your case.

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